About Us
Organic Trend OWNERSHIP BY EXIM ORGANIC & NATURAL FOOD SDN BHD is an importer, wholesaler and authorised distributor company for full range organic and natural food products. Our main office is located in Petaling Jaya (PJ), Selangor, Malaysia. We supply a wide range of products such as beans, pulses, beverages, oats, dried fruits, enzymes, vinegars, health accessories, herbs, honey, nuts, seeds, powder supplements, rice, grains, etc.

We are the largest fully certified organic online store that carries a numerous of natural and organic product brands. You can find a variety of organic products and high quality natural food at here.

Here at Organic Trend, we strive to deliver fresh and high-quality products to every customer's doorstep. Our main objective is to save your time, money and source the most healthy yet affordable organic food for you.

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